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May 2010

May 31, 2010

Four on iPads

Three anti-:

"The backlash against the iPad begins".

"How to Make an iPad-Beating Tablet".

"9 iPad Alternatives Worth Checking Out".

One very, very pro:

"What iPads Did To My Family".

A bit of background for one of the great cracks of all time

Michael Shermer, writing in Scientific American:

Achieving almost canonical status as the ne plus ultra put-down is theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli's reported harsh critique of a paper: "This isn't right. It's not even wrong."

On the USS Abraham Lincoln, the kids are alright

So writes David Horowitz:

On board the Lincoln were 5,000 men and women, a large proportion of them 19 and 20 years old, and every one with a task integral to defending you and me against the many enemies a free and prosperous people face in a world driven by envy and resentment, ignorance and hate. . . .

When you have occasion to worry about the state of our civilian educational system or our civilian institutions generally, keep in mind that of all America’s institutions the military has been the least damaged by the tides of political correctness which have eroded the values that made our country strong. . . .

Going from a standing position to 140 miles per hour in two-and-half seconds provided an even greater kick than the landing, and was a way for the passengers to remember the incredible job these young men and women and their commanding officers are doing to keep us free.

May 30, 2010

Three top-tens

"Top 10 facts you didn't know about YouTube".

"10 cheap celebrity homes on the market".

"Top 10 Grumpiest Andy Rooney Segments".

10 cheap celebrity homes on the market

See full article from WalletPop:
10 cheap celebrity homes on the market

See full article from WalletPop:


"Local boy with cancer turns into a superhero for a day"

At least occasionally, people can be extraordinarily kind:

Erik Martin, who is living with liver cancer, has always wanted to be a superhero. On Thursday, the regional chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted him that wish with an elaborate event that involved hundreds of volunteers in Bellevue and Seattle.

May 29, 2010

"The 20 most badass movie quotes from action movies"

As usual with such lists, I would quibble with the ranking. But there are, no doubt, some great lines--with video--here. (Very bad language on some.)

"Must-Try Foods Of The World"

Some of them sound quite delicious, but I'm not going abroad to get them. I'll wait for them to come here.

May 28, 2010

Talk about being in the right place at the right time . . .

. . . William Shatner is now supposedly worth $600 million.

Blast from the past

"Play Your Favorite DOS Games in XP, Vista, and Windows 7". X-Com, Lost Admiral, Pizza Tycoon, and Wayne Gretsky's Hockey would be worth playing again.

Or if you'd rather spend time with things that are more up-to-date, you could try "The greatest internet sports games of all time". "Quick Hit Football" looks interesting, but I haven't spent much time with it. 

"Journey of Mankind: the Peopling of the World"

" . . . a virtual global journey of modern man over the last 160,000 years."

Interesting and pretty darn cool.

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