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February 02, 2010


For my younger readers, GIGO is an acronym for something that has been true in the past, is true now, and will be true forever: "Garbage In, Garbage Out". Case in point: NOAA and NASA temperature data.

There was a major station dropout — and an increase in missing data from remaining stations — which occurred suddenly around 1990. Just about the time the global warming issue was being elevated to importance in political and environmental circles.

A clear bias was found towards removing higher elevation, higher latitude, and rural stations — the cooler stations — during this culling process, though that data was not also removed from the base periods from which “averages,” and then anomalies, were computed.


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Like I said, it was a hoax from the word go.


Lying liars and the lying liars that support/use them. [I would say, "Yes, I'm looking at *you* AlGore, except I'm not convinced he's smart enough to know he's been using/telling lies.]


You need to catch up on the lingo. GIGO now stands for "Garbage In, Gospel Out". If a computer program spits out the answer it was designed to produce, well then, that proves it! The Science Is Settled.

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