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"Students Get New Assignment: Pick Books You Like"

Paul Tuns . . .

is a ". . . Toronto-based writer and editor, whose articles, columns and reviews have appeared in more than 35 publications. I am editor-in-chief of The Interim, Canada's life and family newspaper, author of Jean Chretien: A Legacy of Scandal and a regular contributor to the book pages of the Halifax Herald."

Mr. Tuns also linked to this blog last Thursday and wrote that Newmark's Door was one of his "favourite blogs". Both of which I greatly appreciate.

But Mr. Tuns--who doesn't seem to have an e-mail address on his blog and a quick Google search didn't uncover one, either--thinks that the Door is written by the craigslist Craig Newmark: "Wired has a long profile of Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist. Newmark has one of my favourite blogs, Newmark's Door, from which I steal lots of material for Stuff."

It is not. It is written by me, an associate professor of economics, with no business connection to craigslist or the other Craig (who, by the way, blogs at CNewmark).

So if you run into Mr. Tuns, please inform him, or, Paul, if you happen to read, please get us straight, O.K.?