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August 23, 2009

"How to Publish a Scientific Comment in 123 Easy Steps"

One commenter wrote, "First I laughed, then I cried . . ." which would have been my reaction except I couldn't stop laughing.


But I believe it. Every word.

(Link via Reddit.)


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Never had an experience that bad, but the whole process is too true, too true.

I once had a paper 'accepted' on the sole condition that it be shortened by a not insubstantial amount. After struggling and doing so, it was rejected as being 'insufficiently explanatory of your results.'

Guess I needed to be a 'Big Name'. (I knew a Very Big Name in a related field and was once amazed to see a near first-tier journal give him *17* pages for an article review which amounted to a personal attack on the authors [and possibly their parents and near relatives].)

When colleagues ask why I'm currently satisfied with 3rd authorships for constructing difficult statistical models for co-authors, I just smile and say it's about all I have time for.

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