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June 30, 2009

"The Mystery of Cheap Lobster"

My late mother and father loved to eat lobster. On the occasions when they would each order a 1.25 pound lobster they'd talk about how filling lobsters of that size were. On one special occasion--a wedding anniversary I think--they each had 1.5 pound lobsters which they said were unusually big (and unusually good).

So the other night my wife, younger daughter, and I were eating out and the restaurant's special of the evening--the waiter noted, "You'd probably want to share this"--was a three pound lobster.

Three pounds. And I thought: what the heck's changed since I was a kid?

Turns out, the food blog of The Atlantic has the answer.


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Even here in Texas I see live lobster in tanks in the grocery stores, and they will even steam them for you. But I have to confess, I don't really think lobster has much taste. It is pretty bland and tasteless. If it were crab on the other hand, I love the taste of crab. Or Crawfish, they have a good flavor.
But Lobster is just kinda wimpy to me.

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