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June 28, 2009

Excellent Munger

Mike Munger comments on a CNN story about Monica Conyers pleading guilty to felony bribery. The story quotes the president of the Detroit City Council: "It hurts the City Council's image, for sure." Munger responds incredulously, "The only way the Detroit City Council could have a worse image is if they admitted to cannibalism."

Oh, snap!


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No, admitting to cannibalism wouldn't be enough. They'd have to actually practice cannibalism in the City Council chambers live and being video-taped. Even then a great many Detroiters would either deny it or excuse it.

I've never seen (even in Chicago) a populace so accepting of gratuitously bad behavior. Monica Conyers is only the Poster Girl for Detroit City Council behavior.

Ken Cockrel, Jr is actually a pretty decent guy (although with a couple of shady connections at least), and his step-mother, Sheila Cockrel (who is retiring) was a pretty decent Councilwoman.

The others range from incompetent to deluded to borderline crazy to criminal to corrupt or some combination of those. It is just sad to see them pretend to be governing Detroit.

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