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August 31, 2008

Reserve now

Spaces in the Rotating Tower in Dubai are going fast.

It will have 80 floors and the top ten floors will have "luxury villas" of 1200 square meters, each including a parking space inside.


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It looks pretty cool but I wonder if it is a "real" project?

I think I will wait till it is built to decide if it is real or simply a scheme to separate rich people from deposits.


that thing is going to make a big mess when it is taken out by Muslim extremists.

In case no one has heard. Fundamentalist Mullahs are now calling Dubai the city of traitors and infidels.


One other thing in line with my thinking it will not be built:

I googled the architect and find that he has a very successful business building pre-fab bathrooms for high end hotels.

What he does not seem to have is any experience whatsoever building any building of any kind. Other than the Dubai and Moscow towers, he doesn't even seem to have designed any buildings.

I take back what I said about the scamming of the gullible. I think it is a massive publicity for his bathroom business.

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