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August 29, 2008

Lambrusco is back, baby!

It's what my wife and I used to drink in college. It was good then and it's good now. (I don't care that it's a "beginner's wine".)


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You couldn't be more correct. A healthy diet of Lambrusco and Sugar Babies got me through school.

Is it really a beginner wine?

I graduated from Boone's Farm to Arbor Mist, and then Lambrusco finally came into the picture. My seasoned palate was 21 years old by then.

Acad Ronin

Lancer's rose for me. My troops apparently liked Thunderbird, though that wasn't sparkling.


I'll have a little Lambrusco in occasion, and anything else that is cheap, wet, and not too dry.


I like Lambrusco. Meir's sweet Catawba is good, too. Mateus was popular a long time ago.

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