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July 2007

July 31, 2007

How to implement mass transit

Thanks to Ironman at Political Calculations for tipping me off to his really imaginative solution to our traffic/mass transporation problems.

I'm 100% in favor of it so long as university faculty are exempted for another dozen years or so.

Stuart Taylor, Jr. argues that the Democrats would make a big mistake to turn down Leslie Southwick.

Robert X. Cringely writes that really high-speed Internet is finally coming to the U.S.

Just . . . sweet: "A Field Trip to Remember".

What's your definition of "lucky"? Mine now is this guy: multi-ton cement mixing truck falls on his car--with him in it--and he has barely a scratch.

This has apparently been around for a long time, so I apologize if you've already seen it. But I just discovered the product registration form for McDonald Douglas military aircraft.

July 30, 2007

"New research shows that modest lifestyle changes, even when made in mid-life, can provide dramatic health benefits, including reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and death."

Another key might be--as economist Art DeVany has repeatedly written--keeping your blood sugar and insulin down.

Finally, another key might be--if you do get sick--to be aggressive in seeking the best possible treatment, regardless of what your doctor may recommend.

Unfair and cruel . . . but interesting. "Famous Women: How They've Aged".

Nicely done: student lip-synchs Taylor Mali's "Totally Like Whatever".

(For more on the rather amazing Mr. Mali, go here.)

Clearly, a Nobel Prize in Economics is in the offing

This year's race for the Nobel Prize in Economics is over. Robert Mugabe will win.

. . . water shortages have worsened because of pump breakdowns, and a senior government official said kidney patients were dying for lack of dialysis machines.

The official Herald newspaper reported that Mugabe told a meeting of local council members that they should put more pressure on government ministers to improve services.

"Where money for projects has not been found, we will print it," Mugabe was quoted as saying.

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