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November 28, 2006

Essays at Minnesota

If you're going to write a Ph.D. thesis in economics at Minnesota, it's evidently required that it be "Essays".

(Yeah, yeah, there's one exception. Sue me.)


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Presumably they staple their papers together and call it a thesis.

William Sjostrom

"Essays" is simple information. Instead of focusing on solving a problem in depth, with annoying stuff like empirical work, you announce that you have already started writing lots of pure theory papers that get a CV up to tenurable status, without wasting time testing any of it.

Acad Ronin

Essays can include empirical work. Mine did and my three esssays became two articles in leading journals, one book chapter, and one monograph. Essays can be a much more efficient way to satisfy the thesis requirement than the conventional one. Same amount of work, but in article format, rather than in chapter format that has then to be turned into articles.


I especially like the differentiation of 'Essays in International Economics' and 'Essays on International Economics'

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