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November 29, 2006

Concise presentation of the "assortive mating" theory of autism.

Some objections.


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The author calls the people systemizers. I thing the better description is Asperger type. These people are more than systemizers, they are very quiet and not good at human relations.

In years gone by Asperger type men and women would rarely form a relationship because they were too quiet and they would never spend time together. But tech firms changed all that.

Tech firms allowed Asperger types to work side by side and over a period of time they would form relationships. Marriages sprang from these work relationships.

Asperger and autistic children cluster in communities with large tech firms. Those children are casualties of the computer revolution.


The objections on the link border on idiocy. I suppose the author has a reason for preferring socio-cultural causation lots of cases, but his own link to his refutation is riddled with inconsistencies and misunderstanding of how genetics works as well as statisitical obtuseness.

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