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April 2006

April 28, 2006

"Most Common Ways to Kill a PC". Problems with the power supply is #1.

Harvey Mansfield on the firing of Larry Summers. Mansfield argues, interestingly, that being too much of an economist perhaps contributed to Summers's downfall:

He thought he could prevail without winning and apologize without losing. Nor would he have to out-argue his intellectual inferiors. He would merely question their opinions and show them their indubitable self-interest. He was in a deep sense impolitic, an economic man who knows nothing of war and hence nothing of politics.

Q and A with Yankee Derek Jeter.

Columnist Susan Lampert Smith writes eloquently about a tragedy. And she says something that needs to be said: even after two generations of zealous feminism, women are not the same as men. Women should be very careful, therefore, about getting drunk and going home with men they don't know.

April 27, 2006

Rick Barnes.

John Calipari.

John Brady.

Steve Lavin.

John Beilein.

Phil Ford. Phil Ford??

Please select the Door's former student Dereck Whittenburg and be done with it.

20 reasons not to have children followed by 10 reasons to have them. Hard to think of anything the author has left out.

Theodore Dalyrmple edges closer to utter despair about Britain. Terrible but interesting reading, like rubbernecking a car wreck.

Read Big Arm Woman for criticism you just don't find anywhere else. In a single post, BAW attacks baby bunnies and Ms. Paltrow for naming her new son "Moses". (I'm neutral on the first but applaud the second.)

April 26, 2006

"50 Worst Things to Happen to [Pop] Music". Most of these are spot on.

Blogger speculates about how Microsoft could kill Google. (Hint: does the phrase "cut off their air supply" ring a bell?)

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