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February 27, 2006

Reason #9,256 why business is so freakin' hard: guy takes a look at mustard. Finds out that plain yellow French's used to utterly dominate. Then one day Grey Poupon showed up and took a huge bite out of French's share, and now there are, like, a zillion types of mustard in U. S. stores. So he gets a bright idea: he'll do exactly the same thing, except with ketchup.

Only one problem: turns out "ketchup is ketchup" and nobody, apparently, wants anything different.


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While this is an interesting article and it introduced me to Malcom Gladwel's site, why are you
linking to and discussing a 2004 article without any current connection. Aren't blogs
known for being on top of "current" events?

Kyle N

Its still Frenchs yellow for moi.


He's right. Del Monte and the others are just cheap wannabes. I don't eat much ketchup, but when I do it's Heinz. I do notice that very small children will gobble up just about any kind.

Stephen Karlson

Mustard comes in yellow??


Well... there's always that cheap, misspelled "catsup"

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