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June 28, 2005

It's funny to me when Liberals suggest we should worry about Europe's opinion or when Supreme Court justices cite other countries' laws as having some bearing on what ours should be. Famed journalist Oriana Fallaci will soon be on trial in Italy for "vilifying" Islam.

Call me crazy, but I prefer the First Amendment.


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International law means the end of free speech. International law is full of rules against hate speech. However, hate speech is interpreted to any speech against the present government.

These hatred laws are used to stifle dissent against the government and is the main reason for existence. For instance:

1. A group of Brits demonstrated against the proposed EU constitution in Brussels. They were charged with a hate crime.

2. The second largest party in Belgium was outlawed using hate crime laws because they spoke against unlimited Muslim immigration.

3. In France, you can be jailed for criticizing the President.

The Democrats want to have international law in the US so their wacko judges can jail all of the Republicans.

Mike K

"The Democrats want to have international law in the US so their wacko judges can jail all of the Republicans."

And we know this is true because the Democrats keep pushing for laws that allow them to monitor more closely what people say and read. Groups to which Republicans tend to congregate, such as ACLU, keep defending the freedom of speech even of fringe groups but the Democrats have pushed back with the Patriot Act, and by accusing everyone who doesn't agree with them of being friends with Osama. (Ironically, of course, its the leaders of the Democrat party who are business partners with Osama's family and the Saudi royals.)

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