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April 2005

April 29, 2005

Information on how to recycle cell phones and PCs.

Here's hoping that virtual colonoscopies prove out.

Robert X. Cringely muses on what will happen when WiMax meets BitTorrent.

Evan Williams, founder of Blogger, argues that you can run a business using Web apps.

April 28, 2005

The incomparable Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, presents "the 10 generic themes that invariably show up in any chick flick". One of them is

4. If you're dating someone who is passionate about something, he will absolutely give that up for you because all men change once they fall in love. Especially if you have a nice apartment.

Wouldn't it be cool if the abiotic theory of oil proved out?

I agree with this: "Privacy Nuts, Chill Out".

April 27, 2005

The U.S. divorce rate: not quite as high as we've been told.

Bruce Springsteen has released a new album, Devils & Dust.

This is not your father's Springsteen.

Of the 12 songs on the album, 10 are spare, dreary, and depressing. Mostly just Bruce on unaccompanied acoustic guitar, trying to sound country. Like Willie Nelson after an overdose of tequila and 'ludes but without Willie's tremendous voice.

At least he's no longer having his cake and eating it, too. For years, he released songs with downbeat, "socially conscious" lyrics set to catchy, upbeat music. The classic, of course, is "Born in the USA" about a Vietnam vet, unemployed and desperate, but sung to as rousing and anthemic music as there is in modern pop.

And two songs are O.K. I give "Leah" a B+ and "All I'm Thinkin' About" a B.

But overall, a thumbs down, not worth $22.50 or even half that.

Charles Krauthammer, pithy as usual: "Provocation is no excuse for derangement."

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