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June 2004

June 30, 2004

The great Irving Kristol presents clearly what Ronald Reagan achieved. And in passing tells an economics joke I hadn't heard:

An economist is recently reported to have said: "We give our numbers in decimal points to demonstrate that we too have a sense of humor."

"Internet websites must know with excruciating accuracy who is visiting them. Right? Wrong."

One of the high points of my brief study of economic history was when the professor discussed the origin of syphillis. He told a story about Christopher Columbus and sheep. Alas, it appears that the story isn't true.

Supply side economics works in Iceland.

June 29, 2004

New Yorker writer spits venom at Lynne Truss's successful book, Eats, Shoots & Leaves. He raises some good points, but maybe he's a bit jealous?

Absolutely 100% dead-on post: why do newspapers make one-time or even occasional readers register? It seems short-sighted.

The Onion reviews the blogs of six celebrities: Billy Corgan, Lisa Whelchel, Gillian Anderson, Melanie Griffith, Al Roker, and Fred Durst.

I'm discovering this very late--picture Dana Carvey doing Regis Philbin, hollering, "I'm only one man!"--but if you haven't yet read Hugh Gallagher's college admissions essay, it's hilarious. (Link via The Black Table.)

June 28, 2004

Eric Rasmusen has a nice post on student evaluations of professors. (Link via Cold Spring Shops.) Near the end there is an almost Swiftian proposal:

Why, indeed, do we have people with PhD's, or people who have scholarly credentials, teaching at all? If student satisfaction is the key, universities should hire cheaper teachers who know more about presentation than they do about substance. And, indeed, maybe teacher quality is unimportant, and this would work out fine.

Magnificent, don't-miss article: "The Confessions of a 'Rich' Businessman." Warning: will irritate class-warring Liberals.

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