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February 2003

February 28, 2003

Anybody studying management today needs to study Wal-Mart. How big is Wal-Mart? It is the U.S.'s "biggest seller of groceries, toys, guns, diamonds, CDs, apparel, dog food, detergent, jewelry, sporting goods, videogames, socks, bedding, and toothpaste--not to mention its biggest film developer, optician, private truck-fleet operator, energy consumer, and real estate developer."

The IRS's data warehouse has 40 terabytes of data. Wal-Mart's has 500.

Read what satanic America has done to Afghanistan.

23% of the universe is dark matter and 73% is dark energy.

Dennis Miller explains how we can get the liberals to support the war on Iraq: tell them it's not a war, just a really late-term abortion of Saddam.

February 27, 2003

Lawrence Henry has got the antiwar movement's number: "That's what they're really afraid of. Not of 'destabilizing the region,' not of 'millions of casualties,' not of 'blood for oil.' They're afraid we'll win."

Jay Nordlinger has the Liberals' number: "Liberals want certain things to be true, and even if they aren't true, they ought to be true, because, in a way, they're truer than true. They represent some higher truth. So much of liberal thought and liberal commentary is a morality play. Joseph McCarthy is always knocking on the doors of the innocent, and blacks are always one step away from Bull Connor's fire hoses. . . . No, there were no racist burnings of black churches, but it ought to have been true. No, there were no such burnings when Clinton was a child, but there should have been, and he's entitled to his 'memories.' No, Prof. al-Arian wasn't the victim of a Security State and a Jewish lynch mob, but he should have been--it makes so many people feel so much better."

Larry Miller has France's number: "I'll only say that you can never trust people who use those goofy things next to the toilets in fancy hotels."

Maybe more than you want to know about batteries.

Maybe more than you want to know about the Rock Island (Railroad) System.

Maybe more than you want to know about Moore's Law.

February 26, 2003

"Should I go to graduate school? Short answer: no. Long answer: maybe . . . Graduate school is cotillion for eggheads."

A Lileks column that sweetly illustrates "what being married is all about."

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