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October 2002

October 31, 2002

Line of the Month goes to Joanne Jacobs: "[Florida Democratic candidate for governor] McBride said he'd keep giving the tests, but wouldn't rank schools by performance or give vouchers to let students in low-performing schools go elsewhere. In fact, he'd give more money to low-performing schools.

"Rewarding schools for failure is an idea that's been tried for years. Guess how well it works. Go ahead. This is not a trick question."

Top ten reasons to study economics (humor).

October 30, 2002

Maps of how people pronounce "aunt" and "caramel." And 120 others.

The Triangle's vaunted light rail system will be much more expensive, harder to maintain, offer fewer features, and roll out more slowly than originally thought. What a surprise!

News from one of our elite universities: "Slicing through obituaries and littering them around campus . . . is callous, cowardly and entirely personal."

eBay patent case moves closer to trial.

Microsoft Office 11 will only work on Win2000 or WinXP.

October 29, 2002

J. Peder Zane explains convincingly why there's so much interest recently in idiots.

Steven den Beste smacks Mac fanatics with a few facts.

Adam Smith vs. The Godfather??

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