Really? *Really*?

"Clinton Goes after Laugh Factory Comedians for Making Fun of Her".

In what appears to be a first for a serious presidential contender, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going after five comedians who made fun of the former Secretary of State in standup skits at a popular Hollywood comedy club.

Post an audio recording or at least name the  "'prominent' person inside Clinton’s campaign" who made the call, or otherwise I doubt it actually happened. Not even a Liberal could be this arrogant and stupid.

UPDATE: It sounds like I was right.

"Some Economic Puzzles"

David Friedman:

Visiting China last year, I was struck by an interesting puzzle. In the U.S., if you are in a big building selling clothes or groceries, a department store or a supermarket, the people selling them to you are employees of the firm that owns the building. In China, you are much more likely to be in a building whose owners rent it out in small pieces to a lot of individual sellers. Instead of a supermarket, you have a large building with half a dozen butcher stalls, eight fish stalls, ...  . Instead of a department store, you have the same pattern with different stalls selling different sorts of clothing, jewelery [sic], electronics.