"Preexisting Prevarication"

Interesting claim that fears Republicans will end coverage of preexisting conditions is false.

Even if the Republicans actually wanted to take away protections for preexisting conditions, a claim which has no basis in reality, the number of people who could theoretically be affected across the entire nation would be well under half the figure Senator Manchin claims will lose their coverage in the Mountain State alone. 

Journalism these days!

So the New York Times took a look at the course evaluations of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. In the first paragraph we find this:

Anonymous evaluations of professors by their students can be caustic or catty. But they are also unfailingly candid . . .

"[U]nfailingly candid"?? Says who? How does the reporter know? Couldn't they, at least occasionally, be "I'm getting a low grade in this class and I'm anonymous, so I'll just be nasty."

"DNA ties Ashkenazi Jews to group of just 330 people from Middle Ages"

Given a conjectured Jewish population of several million during the Roman Empire, this is one heck of a population "bottleneck".

James Stone, an insurance executive, follows with an interesting, speculative paper on how the population diminished so much compared to its size in the Roman Era. He concludes as follows:

It is, in the end, the triple combination of carnage at the hands of crusaders and like-minded messianic populaces, attrition during forced exiles, and murder compounding the effects of the Black Plague that seems the most likely explanation for Carmi’s otherwise inexplicable bottleneck. 

When all is said and done, religiously inspired violence over a protracted period cannot be discounted as the most potent contributor to the Ashkenazi bottleneck.  

And what accounts for the times and places of "religiously inspired violence"? This paper suggests bad weather played a key role.

"Everything Is Not OK"

Terrific--albeit very discouraging--modern example of Bastiat's seen versus the unseen.

Well, in my view, it’s already ended. This young couple from a modest background has all the potential in the world. They’re both ambitious, intelligent, and very good at a valuable skill. They’re devoted to their family, their dreams, and each other. They dream of better things and are willing to gamble, willing to work hard today for a better tomorrow, and willing to take on the additional responsibilities that come with owning a business. They’re savvy enough with modern government to hire attorneys and consultants to help with the red tape.

And even they can’t open a new business, to do something they already know how to do.