"The Hawaii worker who 'pressed the wrong button' has been reassigned"

Some folks are angry that the guy hasn't been fired (see, for example, here), but I think more culpable is the person who designed the system's user interface.

The worker had been completing a shift change at the time of the alert and, according to the Washington Post, was using a drop-down menu that gave two similar options: “Test missile alert” and “Missile alert.” Instead of selecting a system test, the worker sent a real alert.

UPDATE. Jason Kottke think so, too: "Bad design in action: the false Hawaiian ballistic missile alert".

"Looks like time’s up for New Jersey’s pension fund"

Pro tip: when you, for a long time, spend money you don't have, sooner or later things will get very ugly.

When Phil Murphy becomes New Jersey’s 56th governor on Tuesday, he’ll face a stark choice: Ship all new tax dollars to the state pension fund and freeze all other outlays — or sit back and watch the fund head to collapse.

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