"Everything Is Not OK"

Terrific--albeit very discouraging--modern example of Bastiat's seen versus the unseen.

Well, in my view, it’s already ended. This young couple from a modest background has all the potential in the world. They’re both ambitious, intelligent, and very good at a valuable skill. They’re devoted to their family, their dreams, and each other. They dream of better things and are willing to gamble, willing to work hard today for a better tomorrow, and willing to take on the additional responsibilities that come with owning a business. They’re savvy enough with modern government to hire attorneys and consultants to help with the red tape.

And even they can’t open a new business, to do something they already know how to do.

"All Ye Need to Know"

If you ignore the ill-founded, gratuitous slap at economics, this is an interesting and rather disturbing piece about the "demarcation problem" aka "What should define science?"

(Fine, don't label economics a "science". It doesn't lose anything. And when you find a better discipline to understand how individuals and groups behave, call me. But I won't hold my breath.)