"An Idea for Real Reform for Secretary DeVos"

Cut way back on the accreditation follies. I second the motion.

When faculty ask administrators why they put up with the burgeoning accreditation nonsense, their excuse is always that it’s better than direct regulation by the federal government. The government, after all, has designated accreditation by one of the monopolistic regional accrediting associations as what’s required to qualify for federally subsidized loans for students and other federal aid.

"Are rising prices, interest rates and exchanges rates a good thing?"

Scott Sumner posts an excellent exposition of a point from simple economics:

The questions . . .

Would it be a good thing if interest rates rose?
Would it be a good thing if copper prices rose?
Would it be a good thing if the dollar appreciated?

. . . are all basically meaningless. In all three cases, the prices never change for no reason at all. In each case the real question is whether the thing that causes the price to change makes us better off or worse off.

"Nobody Knows Anything"

Matthew Continetti:

We are three weeks into the presidency of Donald J. Trump, the most unusual and unconventional man to inhabit the White House in a century, possibly ever, and the New York Times is already naming the frontrunner to replace him? The same media and consultant class that assumed Hillary Clinton would win the presidency in 2008 and again in 2016 presumes to declare how a Senate kerfuffle in February 2017 will affect Iowa caucus-goers in 2020? Who are these people? Where did they come from? What makes them so obtuse, so beholden to gossip, so given to wish-casting, so certain that their momentary impressions of trivial matters carry cosmic weight? Was it college that inflated their sense of self-worth? Is that what $50k a year buys you—a degree in smug? We may never know.

"No Thug Left Behind"

This sounds like a whole truckload of stupid.

Equity advocates’ central premise is that teachers, not students, are to blame for the racial-equity discipline gap. They claim that teachers’ biases, cultural ignorance, or insensitivity are the gap’s primary causes. The key to eliminating disparities, they maintain, is to change not students’ but adults’ behavior.

"Liberals are wrong to gang up on Betsy DeVos"

By a self-proclaimed Liberal:

School choice is not a fantasy of right-wing ideologues. For parents of means, it is a reality. They are able to either pay for private schools or move to districts with high-quality public schools. What school choice advocates like DeVos want is simply for poor children to have the same opportunities afforded to those parents who are better off. Opportunities that, by the way, many liberal parents happily exercise for themselves.

Link via Instapundit.

"New undergrads are starting to not know how to use computers"

Technology just keeps changing. I was going to write "advancing" but changed my mind.

"It would never happen a few years ago, but lately I've been noticing a trend of computer illiterate undergrads in my computing class. Guess a highschool kid these days doesn't have need for a computer at all?"

And see "Smartphones Have an Unexpected New Rival".

"North Carolina AD lays out academic fraud defense: NCAA 'overcharged' Tar Heels"

Both Wolfpack and Duke fans had a lot of fun with this statement by Lawrence "Bubba" Cunningham: "Is this academic fraud? Yes, it is by a normal person's standards. But by the NCAA definition [it is not]."

(Translation: Sure, we're guilty as charged and guilty as hell, but you can't punish us! Nyah, nyah!)

Among the things the Wolfpack fans linked to was "Spirit, not the letter of the law".

And, related, do see this: "Fake Classes".